COnsumer MODels for Assisted Living

The 3 year Consumer Models for Assisted Living (COMODAL) project, funded by Innovate UK, aims to support the development of a consumer market for electronic assisted living technologies (eALT) for younger older people.

It focuses on those people aged 50-70 who are approaching retirement and older age to gain an in-depth understanding of the barriers to market development and create consumer led business models developed through collaboration with consumer, industry and the third sector.

Innovations include a direct and unique focus on the consumer retail market, social innovation techniques (co-creation, active consumers, user-led design) and a multi-sector partnership between Health Design & Technology Institute, Coventry University, Age UK, Grandparents Plus, Years Ahead and South East Health Technology Alliance (SEHTA).

Extensive consumer and industry research identified the factors that encourage an informed eALT consumer market and developed solutions to overcome barriers identified by current and potential consumers. This data informed the development and exploration of a number of promising consumer-led business models. The modelling utilised a Business Model Canvas to describe new approaches in the eALT market, and how it can be arranged and developed to align with consumer needs.

The COMODAL project opens up greater understanding to maximise the opportunities that are presented by changing age demographics. By understanding the needs of consumers aged between 50 and 70, and subsequently thinking creatively and inclusively, we can break away from a solely needs-based and stigmatising business models to a truly consumer-driven model that supports active and healthy ageing in younger older people.

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One Page Summary

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Overall Summary

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Consumer Report

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Insight for Industry

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